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Da qualche mese il blog di OVS ha cambiato indirizzo. Io sono sempre la blogger ma il link è http://stylenotes.ovs.it !

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  1. ‘s Chief Financial Officer,hogan outlet, over 30 years old, she had owned an enviable hair shawl. But yesterday, the reporter was seen wearing a cap, Ms. Lee, when the cap removed after a scarred head out there in front of people. Speaking of his hair was destroyed by “terrorist perm machine” experience, Ms. Lee is still a lingering fear. Afternoon of January 8 this year, Ms. Lee to Longjiang New Town Plaza cinema,louboutin pas cher, because there is some time away from the show, she decided to go to have their hair cut. Prior to Ms. Lee introduced a friend to listen to “show off the new design center like” (hereinafter referred to show off), so they came to “show off” Longjiang repair shop requires haircut levels, incidentally, do some hair down film, she was clerk leads to the second floor, an assistant, said after seeing her hair good hair, suggested that she simply be a Korean perm, said medicine and machines are imported from Korea, and value for money. Ms. Lee and ask the price of 2,000 yuan, I felt it necessary to accept, then accept each other’s proposals. Subsequently, the female assistant to help Ms. Lee curls and the syrup, also describes the process of scalp perm hot, this is a normal phenomenon, this gave Ms. Lee added a small pad and pass on the hair rolled Ms. Lee electricity. Soon, Ms. Lee feel the temperature rising rapidly, accompanied by pain and burning sensation, and it lasts about three minutes she felt unbearable, then shouted to the female assistant. Female assistant picked up a hair dryer blowing cold air to her head, but blowing blowing, I heard someone shouting “Fire,” Ms. Lee looked in the mirror and saw his head with flames, female assistant is scared to go as people went downstairs. Ms. Lee will soon calm down and self-help, she single-handedly cover your face, to prevent the flames leap up to the face, one hand outstretched to unplug the power outlet, then the flames had leapt high, her clothes were burning. Unplug the power after Lee are wire tripped, then show off center Yan, general manager arrived after hearing the second floor holds her to the edge of a pool with cold water to help her keep flushing, flushing straight hair under the swap. This process lasted about 20 minutes, Yanjing Li has been comforting her. After rinsing Lee felt right ear stopped burning, then 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, Ms. Lee rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. That night, the shop came to Hanzhong Gate police station reported the matter. ■ severe head injury second-degree burns, “show off” advance 150,000 due on a weekend day of the incident, emergency disposal and continue to wait until next Monday’s healing clinic, Ms. Li’s family after hearing the news from Beijing to Nanjing, proposed to Beijing best hospital for treatment. Taking into account the head burns may not be on the plane, and take the train or drive back to Beijing is long Lawton,toms shoes, Ms. Lee and his family decided to heal nearby, in Nanjing,hollister france, four hundred fifty-four hospital for treatment. Course of treatment in the hospital, “show off” the general manager of a visit to the hospital often and paid in advance of the $ 150,000 cost of treatment. In the hospital, doctors found that two-thirds of the head area of ​​second-degree burns Ms. Lee, right ear third-degree burns. In the second day of treatment,louboutin, Ms. Lee’s face, head appeared ulceration, swelling inflammation, fever, ear deformation exposed cartilage, earlobe missing, his face large area burn, even after her hand also appeared burns blisters . As wound healing requires six months, during which you want the drugs, but a year’s time can not stay hair, so Ms. Lee suffered burns not only the pain of every day, but also bear the psychological blow. “I put a mirror at home full close up, afraid to let her see that once saw her would throw tantrums.” Lee told reporters that Ms. Lee’s husband, love is the company’s designers and Chief Financial Officer, before the accident every day contact with customers, the matter after a complete halt work, a lot of churn, the company also plummeted, whether individuals or corporate losses are not small. Ms. Lee is another physical scars, alopecia areata head appeared, and the next step kind of hair, skin grafting also need large sums of money. ■ injured party: claims one million, or see you in court after the incident, causing Ms. Lee hair perm machine that sets fire service personnel rushed to the scene. According to the Shanghai Xing Blohm service personnel,louboutin pas cher, this machine is produced by a company in Guangzhou, they may be the instrument of an accident caused by short circuit. Reporters learned through Ms. Lee’s husband, show off the new Nanjing Longjiang stores like Design Center has acknowledged that this product does not have any proof of origin and proof of the factory, there is no industrial and commercial permits. Lee told reporters that after this thing happened on his wife psychological damage is permanent. Although the “show-off” areas in the aftermath of a more responsible attitude, but also to advance a portion of medical expenses in advance, but if you want to completely cure burns caused by physical and psychological harm, take a very long time. The incident they recruited experts from abroad, 150,000 of expenses have been exhausted. Therefore, Mr. Lee one to “show off” raised one million yuan claims. Now “show-off” has not yet made a claim against them to be a clear answer, but said it will through legal channels to solve this problem. Lee believes that although things happen in the “show-off” of the store, but their equipment and potions are made correctly Bolong Fine Chemical Co.,hogan, Shanghai Xing total distribution, while Nanjing Qiao Weier hair products company is also a distributor of its Therefore, he thinks this party has a corresponding responsibility if claims are not met, the matter resolved through litigation, he would “show off”,mulberry outlet, sellers and agents with the court. For this stage, Mr. Lee said, “show-off” should not be entangled in the question of money,louboutin pas cher, but rather should be actively helping him up would cure his wife’s illness. ■ “show off”: a public apology yesterday, asked to recall perm machine accident yesterday morning, “show off” the person in charge, accompanied by a lawyer in the law firm accidental injuries on Ms. Lee’s statement to the media. Yan said the total for the accident damage to Ms. Lee, as operators they apologize. Such a thing happened, purely cases, they hope Ms. Lee can put forward a mutually acceptable solution. According to the shop CLC, they took a positive attitude after the incident, the injured to the hospital in time to escort on January 10 and paid 150,louboutin,000 yuan (including perm machine suppliers and dealers to pay 70,000,hogan, show off payment 80000 ). Ms. Lee during hospitalization, show off aspects of several trips to visit condolences to Ms. Lee is currently a good recovery until the end of treatment, they will be under the law, bear the corresponding compensation obligations. According to reports, the accident perm machine and show off centers use potions from Shanghai Xing Bolong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Qiao Weier hair products company is a distributor. Preliminary analysis of the current manufacturers Department accident caused by a short circuit temperature combustion. After the incident, the shop has been updated products, now they are and perm machine suppliers, agents negotiate, ask them a security risk, the Nanjing area is still in use on the same model, same batch perm machine implementation of the recall, prevent other customers suffered a similar injury. Currently, the parties are still on the follow-up treatment and compensation issues negotiation, both sides have hired a lawyer to prepare lawsuits related materials are collected, the newspaper will also continue to focus on this matter. The reporter Xiao Wei Xin Pei Rui ■ link perm “Fire” three cases January 29, 2008, Shanghai Hua public Westgate Mall Miss Lei image design commune perm, plug in the hair perm machine suddenly caught fire, burns her head and face, hands, ears, etc.. So far, Miss China still can not sleep because of the pain from time to time. After consultations,mulberry, Wang Lei image design commune willing to compensate Chinese lady 800,louboutin pas cher,000. October 31, 2005, Ms. Hangzhou Wulin Road, a modern love story salon hot “heat hot”, the entire scalp suddenly burned up, and immediately sent to hospital. Right above the injured facial deep third-degree burns, third degree burns back, neck and shoulder right arm face second-degree burns. November 2006, Henan a newly opened salon perm in to the customer when a young lady’s hair caught on fire, the woman’s hair and his head was burning. Were combined 相关的主题文章: they will be “snakeheads” exploit again sales of 300 million yuan. 2007 was made in Dongguan WCB reply

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